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Videos need to finish watching

  • MPC 2.10 - New Synth Plugins ( Explained by a Hardware Synthesist ) -
    • To be sure I got something done this weekend, this was all recorded on my Zoom H5. lining up all 4 channels was a little finicky, but honestly sounds better than I normally do. Some volume jumps on my vocal, think I got a setting wrong during rendering. Sorry about that!
    • Walking through the new 2.10 Synths, Mellotron, Solina, Odyssey, and Hype.
    • Includes table of contents
    • Ideas on ways to change sounds - by doing effects over and over
    • “In this video we're going through some extreme & uncommon audio experiments to find out what weird combinations of effects & processing will do and whether we can create some cool sounds with them!”

Videos finished

Hypnotic Beats

Showing techniques for making Hypnotic Beats

  • DECAP makes a HYPNOTIC beat from scratch | Ableton Live -
    • Text DECAP at +1 (323) 310-4079 - To hear about new releases first, free stuff, giveaways, livestream announcements, etc.
  • Making Lo-Fi hypnotic beats -
    • Switches between two or three camera views of the workstation area
    • Use in track: Korg Electribe ESX / Korg Monologue / Critter&Guitari Bolsa Bass / Boss Distortion DS-1 / Elfa 201stereo / Radiotehnika S-30B

Just playing of Hypnotic beats

Ambient Music

Making of Ambient Music

    • Learn more about tape looping & cassette music, download all my music & sample packs, and sign up for one on one lessons with yours truly. Oh and get exclusive content like this music!

Ambient Music with VCV Rack

  • Oceania - 1 Hour meditative regeneration - VCV Rack 100% generative ambient patch -
    • A 60-minute 100% algorithmic generative ambient VCV patch for meditation and deep introspection. My mind is at peace, my CPUs are on fire :D

Videos not entirely watched

  • This Mpc Expansion isn't Made by AKAI, and it's Fire!!! -
    • Ave Mcree
    • How to install expansions in MPC desktop software, then into MPC hardware
    • Masada's Cycle Kit 5 is a AKAI MPC Expansion that utilizes the “round robin” feature. These drums are extremely good for hip hop (lofi or boom bap). I'll show you how to install 3rd party MPC expansions, make a beat, and preview the sounds.
  • #MPC #musicproduction #synthesizers - MPC One as a hardware Sequencer Real world example with walk through * Decided to do a deeper look into setting up a hardware sequencer focused #MPC One setup. This video steps through setting up the project, to crafting some sounds, sequencing them, and then tracking it all into Ableton Live for archiving for later inspiration. * #musicproduction #electronicmusic #songwriting - The Ultimate Dawless Centerpiece? Problems, Issues and Thoughts on MPC 2.10
    • Discussing latency
    • Chapters:
      • 0:00 Intro
      • 0:56 The One Cable Dream
      • 2:32 Audio Interface Support
      • 4:00 Latency Tests
      • 5:04 How usable is this?
      • 7:46 Preamp solution - UR22 can be used with mics that require phantom power
      • 8:53 Additional 2.10 Stuff
      • 10:03 Updates have been free
      • 10:59 VST Support in the future?
      • 11:33 Advice about updating things
      • 12:27 More to come
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