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I realized that an important part of improving is to have engineering notes. Often each new sound experiment I do is all about trying out new techniques or ideas. 

I have had a goal to make some notes for each piece of what I was doing, what was I trying to achieve, and what did I learn. Why? Hopefully that would help me come back to remember how to use successful techniques.

But sometimes it is just more fun to jump in and just create, and then be tired, or have to rush off to do something else.  Opening up that OneNote notebook just never seemed to be a priority.

This page is where I will start achieving that goal.  Here is the start of my engineering notes about my sonic sculptures.  Kept in a way that shares them with you!

This page will include notes about the intentions and techniques that were being explored with each piece.

I hope you will find these notes interesting and inspiring.

Please feel free to add any comments to the videos on Youtube.  Your likes and subscribes and comments on Youtube are always welcome and appreciated!

Heavenly Music Box 1

In this piece I wanted to intentionally explore the use of happier notes. I was noticing the emotional feel of some of Guy Michelmore's pieces was higher than others. 

In this piece I set about using instruments that would create this higher feel.  I have a technique for finding good ear hooks, and I think it worked again here. C Pentatonic scale was used for many aspects.

This is a live performance, as I was manipulating the Akai MPC Live II during filming to show a little bit of the inner workings of this piece. There are extra notes and glissando that might not be in the mixed down studio version of this piece.

I am planning another release with incredible "percussive splashes" worked in, to explore the mixing aspects of positioning the splashes in audio imaging space, inspired by David Gibson's "The Art of Mixing".

You can visit the youtube page directly: https://youtu.be/-_JeKEvAoAo

Release date: June 1, 2022
Posted: https://www.facebook.com/BraveheartsBeard/videos/1028255421229069/

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