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Tips for Aspiring Musicians - Iasos


Length: 1:30:36

Description: Bruce Tambling, a music professor at Foothill College, California, commissioned Iasos to give a talk, as part of a series of talks on Sound Healing. The focus of Iasos' talk was “Tips for Aspiring Musicians”.

The first hour and a half was the talk. The rest was Questions & Answers.

Location: Music Technology Dept., Foothill College, Los Altos, California. Date: Feb. 2013

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Questions to gage the audience

  • Introduction
  • 2:09 - Iasos asks 5 questions to gage the audience
    • 1. how many of you are involved in or interested in music creation…. okay
    • 2. how many of you are involved in or interested in using sound for healing or sound therapy or music therapy
    • 3. how many of you are involved in or interested in metaphysics
    • 4. how many of you are involved in or interested in consciousness
    • 5. and lastly how many of you are involved in or interested in sex
  • Iasos invites the group to ask their questions as the talk proceeds
  • Talking is very left brain - so there are music and visuals sprinkled in

Please yourself


  • Iasos says when you're creating music
    • do not try to please other people
    • try to please yourself
    • very very important!!
When you're trying to please other people: You're guessing you're stabbing in the dark you don't know you don't have a clue
When you're trying to please yourself: You know exactly what you like you know exactly what you don't like

Please yourself that's something you know about you know what you like. Do that and know in advance that not everybody will like it, but people whose mindset is similar to yours will love it as much as you do.


Be Heart Guided

Another suggestion is be heart guided not mind guided. let your heart be the boss don't let your mind lead the way when it comes to music.

Iasos rejected university music education because he “was hearing unusual music in my mind and i didn't want to be programmed by their idea of what music is supposed to be, because i knew i was hearing my own idea what music could be. Very different.”

Columbia Records couldn't understand how to pigeonhole Iasos music. So he continued to let his heart be his guide.

Letting heart guide you to what is right

Listen to your heart, it is your ok/not-okay meter

When your heart says “aaaaaaaaaah yes!” you got it right. If not, keep doing it over until you do.

Advice on Live Performing


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