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Iasos Logo for The Realms of Celestial Music

Iasos is one of the original founders of “New Age” music. He began receiving music in his head from another dimension when he was a college student in 1965.

I met Iasos in 2014 in Marin County, in Sausalito, California. I told him my ideas about the construction of music, and his message to me was to play music from the heart, and not overthink the construction of the music. It took me several years to really understand what he meant.

Recently I have enjoyed a correspondence with Iasos, where he patiently clarified much of his message and philosophy about music.

In his Latest Newsletter he always includes an entertaining set of links, and also news of his new songs. In his latest newsletter:

I invited ChatGPT to consider Iasos: ChatGPT discusses Iasos contributions to music.

Iasos Video Lectures

Many of these videos of Iasos speaking are listed on his page Iasos - Video clips

How Sound Can Induce Higher Consciousness in the Listener

How Sound can Induce Higher Consciousness in the Listener from Iasos on Vimeo.

In the 7 minute, 43 second video, on June 8, 2003, Iasos was the “opening act” for an event in San Rafael, California, entitled “Sound Awakening”, organized by Celestine Star. Iasos' role was to “prep” the audience by explaining the mechanics of just HOW sound is capable of inducing a state of higher consciousness in the listener. Furthermore, Iasos was asked to do this in 10 minutes or less. Here's the result!


  • “How Sound Can Induce Higher Consciousness”
  • Everything that exists in any form is vibration.
    • These correlate directly - change either, the other changes
  • Sound is a vibration of pulsing air waves. Because of this it can interact with other things, including consciousness.
  • Temples around the world all use sound to induce higher consciousness.
    • One way: The Law of Resonance - If something is vibrating, and something near can vibrate at the same frequency, they will begin to vibrate together,
    • Examples:
      • people being laughing together
      • pendulums on the wall begin moving in sync
    • The law of octaves - multiples of frequency - they can interact together
      • two things, one exactly twice as fast, energy can transfer between them
    • Another form of resonance: Pattern Matching
      • It only take a picture, hair, sample of blood, to energetically connect with a remote person
      • The state of consciousness can be imposed on a sound, and others hearing it will get that consciousness
    • Another way: Through intent
      • Slow rolling waves of a boat going by. Little waves can ride on top of a big wave.
      • Intent (small wave) riding on top of sound (big wave)
      • You can impose emotion, consciousness, and feeling
      • There is no effort involved in vibrating with sound. Just allow it to happen, and synchonize
    • Standing in a pond, if there are a lot of waves, cant see the rocks
      • but the stiller it gets, the better the rocks can be seen
      • if you have wild waves on your body, you cant see or hear the inner self because of the fluctuating waves
      • The stiller you are, the more emotionally still you are, the more finely you can receive messages from other levels.
      • In the Bible it says “Be Still And Know That I Am God”
      • Sound is a convenient way to influence vibrations to get very still.
    • Getting into exalted state of consciousness, then create sounds, and the consciousness gets embedded.
      • others hearing the sound, can allow themselves to vibrate with it, and consciousness will effortlessly transfer
    • infinite creator is like a gong that can vibrate at all frequencies, even infinite frequencies
      • you too can vibrate with the infinite gong.

Tips for Aspiring Musicians - Iasos


Length: 1:30:36

Description: Bruce Tambling, a music professor at Foothill College, California, commissioned Iasos to give a talk, as part of a series of talks on Sound Healing. The focus of Iasos' talk was “Tips for Aspiring Musicians”.

The first hour and a half was the talk. The rest was Questions & Answers.

Location: Music Technology Dept., Foothill College, Los Altos, California. Date: Feb. 2013

2022/05/10 02:10 · thegarnet

Raising your Vibrations


An audio/visual “tool” to facilitate raising your vibrations.

Though introduced by Iasos, it is primarily implemented by SOUND & LIGHT, and is based on a sound that is continuously going upward.

Time duration=flexible. Exit when you feel complete.

Using Sound for Healing & Light-Body Activation

Length: 55.34

Iasos' presentation, at The First International Symposium on the Healing Effects of Sound. Epping ,

Location: New Hampshire , USA . Date: Oct. 9, 1993.

This symposium was produced by Jeff Volk, and Jeff introduces Iasos at the very beginning of this video.

Christopher Toussaint interviews Iasos


This 35:52 interview took place at the Third International New Age Music Conference - held in Santa Monica, California on April 24, 1991.

1979 Documentary on Iasos


A 1979 Documentary on Iasos (27:30) created in California. This includes video of both Iasos talking and Iasos performing. Also includes images (paintings) by Gilbert Williams and Gaspar Carvalho.

Learning Curve #7: Iasos


In September 2012, Iasos did a workshop & concert in Portland, Oregon.

The on-line magazine Ad-Hoc, created a brief but very colorful “video montage” of Iasos explaining his sound workshop - incorporating visuals & music from his concert. Only 3:36, but very colorful.

Experimental Half-Hour interviews Iasos


In September 2012, Iasos did a workshop & concert in Portland, Oregon.

At that time, Experimental Half-Hour video-interviewed him, and then edited that - along with footage of his live concert in Portland. (28:10)

Iasos talking & performing in Madrid, Spain

Vimeo link is not working…. Link to the performance:

In August, 2014, Iasos did a concert at La Casa Escandida, in Madrid, Spain

This is just a very brief glimpse of an interview that occurred just before the concert, along with a bit of live-concert footage.

Note: The Iasos section of this video is: 1:30-2:55 (1:25 duration)

Far Off Sounds - Iasos

Jacob and Nick of Far-Off Sounds created a playful brief 9-minute “glimpse” (mini-documentary) on my music work, and released this in May 19, 2016

Includes a debate with Iasos on heavy metal music.

Length: 8:59


  • From 1979 video:
    • What is “paradise music”? It's an earth reproduction of music that exists on higher dimensions.
    • Iasos music makes some people homesick for the higher dimensions where things are much more harmonious.
    • Professor Joel Funk, psychology Plymouth State College, New Hampshire did research on people going through Near Death Experiences
      • Many heard heavenly music
      • He exposed them to classical music, jazz, to try and find out what the music was like.
        • One piece got the highest rating: “The Angels of Comfort” by Iasos.
    • “Music is a conductor of emotions. Musicians are merchants selling emotions served on a platter of sound. And for any emotion you can imagine, there are musicians that specialize in music generating that emotion.” - Iasos
    • Heavy metal:
      • 2015 - “I am on the opposite end of the spectrum heavy metal. It will kill plants.” - Iasos
      • Iasos opinion: Expressing the anger reinforces and feeds the anger
        • Positive unifies and unites. Negative separates and polarizes
        • Love is unifying force.
      • 1993 - Don't limit dancing to earth concepts of what dancing is supposed to be. You'll have a lot more fun that way.
      • When Iasos was at Cornell, he had a campus band “Nova Shadow Quartet” specializing in bossanova for campus parties
        • Around 3rd year, started hearing unusual music in his mind, not normal earth music, he called it Paradise Music because it was harmonious and loving
        • It was not conventional instruments, and it was before synthesizers
        • It took a long time to find the instruments that could recreate what he heard.
        • Now the sound is very close.
      • “Diamond Heart Center of Creation” music video
      • in 1972 Iasos first sensed another being on another dimension, Vista, and Iasos had made an agreement to work with him. Iasos is a “local branch office” for Vista, or a 'step-down transformer'
      • Too many negative emotions, Iasos wont do tension, or anger or fear, it is against his principles.
      • Iasos only wants to add to the joy.
    • Iasos felt ignored for most of his career, but in mid 2010's people started paying attention to consciousness raising that was in Iasos music all along.
    • Created by Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman & Nick George

Iasos Performance Videos

Splash Happy


Iasos - playing “Splash Happy” on 2 keyboards

Iasos description: “This was video-taped MANY years ago. I was performing along to one of the dance pieces on my tropical dance album - “Bora Bora 2000”. Great fun! Enjoy!”

Magical Instruments Used by Iasos

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