One Year Ago Today: June 2, 2021

On this day, one year ago, Braveheart founded a music studio, Braveheart's Beard Studios.  You see him here living the snug life.

Braveheart was the founding executive producer, and he took great interest in being involved in all aspects of his music studio. 

I was his first hire to staff his studio, and I really enjoyed working under his leadership.

He helped inspire the work of the studio. Braveheart held great meetings, was actively involved in nap testing our productions, he often supplied vocals, and even tweaked knobs and played some of the instruments. 

At times we were joined by guest artists such as the touring group "The Two Possums" who briefly took up residence in the studio.  We had the Cellar Spider orchestra, that played incredible string melodies on their webs, from the offspring of a cellar spider experiencing cellarlessness who briefly took up residence in the studio bathroom.  And the unforgettable performance of eight flies in a plastic bag, the Flymonium 2, that Braveheart helped design and test.

The studio's first performance was "Braveheart's City Nightscape"

You can see first hand what an active roll Braveheart took in his studio.  He had a very paws-on, and whiskers-on, approach to his studio and many of the pieces performed there.

Braveheart performs "Braveheart's City Nightscape", an analog synthesizer collaboration for feline and human. Performed live at Braveheart's Beard Studios, May 29, 2021.

He was 17 years ago when he founded the studio, proving it is never to late to pursue your passions.

Here, Braveheart performs his deeply emotional, world famous composition, "Four Paws And A Belly #3"...

Along with his commentary during the performance....

You will notice at one point in the performance, (about 1 minute mark), when a scratchy pot on one of the mixers added some noise, he instantly noticed the issue with the mix.  He took great interest in the sound quality of his studio's productions.

As you can see by his reaction to the pure tones of the piece, he wrote this piece to promote healing, relaxation, and calm.

He was performing the studio's new Behringer Deep Mind 12.

After several months guiding the studio, and an extended battle with feline kidney failure, Braveheart passed away on October 19, 2021, at the age of 18. This was almost exactly one year after the loss of his beloved adopted sister, Monkey cat, who lived until 20. R.I.P. little buddies, we miss you both!

We continue to explore music in the vision that Braveheart inspired. We hope you will visit our Youtube Channel for Breaveheart's Beart Studios. Please subscribe, and like and comment on our videos. 

Associate producer Donald the Gerbil continues on with the studio.

Donald is plant strong, eating a 100% whole plant based diet with no added oils, and he really enjoys sunflower seeds, Dave's Bread, and freshly cooked jasmine rice.

He is in charge of paperwork, and secure destruction of rough drafts of music scores, shredding of studio engineering documents, and recycling of equipment boxes.

He and his brother, Joe the Gerbil, performed a musical piece based on shredding each others election ballots.  Unfortunately the video is currently sealed by subpoena of a congressional subcommittee looking into election irregularities, and whether there were 1,998 other gerbils involved in gnawing the election.  Joe is currently on the run from the subpoena, and if you see him, please let him know to turn himself in, we are kind of tired of having the federal marshals parked in the studio parking 24x7 on a stakeout for Joe. However, the agents are some of our biggest fans for our productions, and make up approximately half of the our YouTube channel subscribers.

We will post the video as soon as Congress allows.

Donald wanted us to mention, against the advice of people who say on internet forums that they are attorneys, that he is now available for free lance ballot chewing. He is a summa cum laude graduate of the Hanging Chad College of Babylon, New York, and advises election campaign directors world wide.

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