Changes today....

Picture of a letter for a music rental 

Found a great picture of a letter where a music company forgave the rental fees on an instrument. That got me thinking about how it is important to use music to do good.


Added a section to home page for recent experiments

Now featuring links to Plamen's Bird, and three different versions of Suspense.


We are moving!

Currently working on a catchy branding header and trailer to put on YouTube videos. Every talent who helped record the name of the site kept mispronouncing the site name as "Garnet Sound Designs" with an "s". After correcting every one of them, I realized, "What a minute, there is a clue here!"  So the site will be moving to  Of course the old name will redirect to the new name... I think it pays to listen to "mistakes", and see if there is a message in them. 

Also began the new pages for Sound Design Notes, and individual pieces, such as the Heavenly Music Box 1, just released today.

Visit the story of the founding of Braveheart's Beard Studios.


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